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Mary Jo Moss

Schuylkill County Republican

Strong & Fair Leadership

Welcome to the official site of Mary Jo Moss, a highly qualified Republican with a record of conservative leadership. Ms. Moss is focused on the people of Schuylkill County and the improvement in the quality of life within our 67 communities. Her campaign for Schuylkill County Commissioner in the 2023 Primary and General Elections provided a powerful opportunity for Mary Jo Moss to expand her presence across the entire county.
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1. Prioritize Fiscal Responsibility with Accountability to Taxpayers

  • Balance the budget without funds from the American Rescue Plan and the General Fund.

  • Dig in to budget expenditures and lost revenues.

  • Improve transparency for spending of public funds.

  • Get it done! Complete facility project for a Pre-release Prison.

  • Scrutinize the Tax Reassessment to certify it or scrap it. Work on behalf of those who need to appeal their tax reassessment. 

2. Improve Health and Safety of County Citizens and Employees

  • Provide Leadership and openly communicate with county employees.

  • Support all First Responders and support the EMA Training Facility. 

  • Focus on Seniors and Veterans to deliver services and improve living conditions; improve network to communicate.

  • Support County Human Services and fight to recover lost grants from the state.

  • Protect Quality of Life -- Fight blight; Advocate for Schuylkill County to head off emerging contaminants such as Forever Chemicals that threaten to contaminate our land, water and air; address ordinances and work with state representatives and agencies to eliminate misuse of Biosolids that are crushing our quality of life.

3. Improve Quality of Life through Economic Development and Land Preservation

  • Act on opportunities to grow the economy through improved infrastructure and new business opportunities while balancing land preservation.

  • Maintain and Improve opportunities for Parks, Waterways, and Recreation in Schuylkill County.

  • Support and encourage education and training of students and adults to develop the workforce needed in Schuylkill Count.

  • PLAN for future land use, economic development and recreation.

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About the Candidate

Proud of Her County and Committed to Progress

Mary Jo Moss is the candidate of the people. She celebrates all persons across the county and has a passion for supporting others. Mary Jo aims to bolster and celebrate our community, while leading Schuylkill County into the future. She is a mother, educator, engineer, volunteer, wife, businessperson, and political candidate that you can count on. 

As a leader in Schuylkill County, Mary Jo Moss brings integrity, professionalism, and transparency. Her proven leadership and accountability to taxpayers sets her apart from the competition. Born and raised in Schuylkill County, Mary Jo Moss’s credentials speak for themselves. The Lehigh University graduate earned a degree in Electrical Engineering and subsequently earned a masters in E.E. as well as a fellowship in Education Policy and Leadership. Experienced in engineering, semiconductor manufacturing, management, and business education she is highly qualified to serve Schuylkill County.

Ms. Moss currently serves as chairwoman of the Schuylkill County Zoning Hearing Board. In this role she draws on knowledge and experiences to make decisions about current issues such as new business opportunities, landfills, cell towers, solar panels, and agricultural zoning issues. In making decisions on the Zoning Hearing Board, Mary Jo Moss encourages participation from the entire board and always takes input from the community. Her experience on the County Zoning Hearing Board has given her valuable insight into concerns facing townships, boroughs, and the county.

Mary Jo Moss is a member of the Schuylkill Chamber of Commerce and the Orwigsburg Area Business and Professional Association (OABPA). She serves on the Broadband Task Force (BTF) -- a special subcommittee under the Chamber of Commerce's Infrastructure Committee.  The BTF plays a vital leadership roll in maximizing grant opportunities intended to extend high speed internet to underserved rural communities. Our daily lives depend upon access to the internet, just as transportation depends upon roads and bridges. In the future, we will become even more dependent on high-speed internet for work, school, healthcare, and more. It is imperative that leaders in Schuylkill County cooperate and drive toward equitable internet access for all. 

As program manager of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) of the Schuylkill Chamber Foundation, Mary Jo Moss advocated for business and education across the county. She brought together hundreds of successful business men and women to share their expertise with students and families in order to encourage entrepreneurship. Under her leadership, she more than doubled program funding by securing state and local grants to offset generous local donations. Her passion to offer this powerful program to all areas of the county lead her to recruit students from every private and public school, Boy Scouts, the Schuylkill Technology Center, 4-H, and the Schuylkill County Fair. Students in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy launched over 70 businesses across Schuylkill County. YEA! Schuylkill invested in future economic growth in Schuylkill County!

As a School Board Member at Blue Mountain School District, Ms. Moss served as president during challenging years following the 2008-09 financial crisis. Mary Jo Moss and the team at Blue Mountain reduced costs and reduced debt while driving the quality of education to excellence. Mary Jo Moss also served on the IU#29 board and was especially passionate about the Schuylkill Technology Center (STC). She focused programs and expanded seat capacity to prepare youth and adults with skills needed for jobs in Schuylkill County. Her school board experience involved multimillion dollar budgets, unfunded mandates, union negotiations, hiring and training of personnel, and improving safety of students and staff. 

Mary Jo Moss has a deep passion for all people in Schuylkill County and has devoted years of volunteer time to her community. She served as president of the board of directors of Schuylkill Women in Crisis (now the Schuylkill County Hope Center for Victims of Domestic Violence). She was appointed as representative to the commissioners on the Victim's Witness Advisory Board, served on the high school task force for Healthy Choices for Teens (avoidance of drugs and risky behavior), and is an active board member of Hamburg EMS. 

She regularly volunteers with Helping Harvest to help distribute food to those in need. Mary Jo Moss is proud to be a founding member of the Walk In Art Center (WIAC) -- a nonprofit to develop art in the surrounding community. Having a deep connection to education, Mary Jo Moss coordinated efforts to combine Agriculture, Science, Technology and Math curriculums (AgSTEM), worked as an adjunct instructor of engineering at Penn State Schuylkill, was elected secretary of the STC Board, and served as president of the Blue Mountain School Board.

Mary Jo Moss is driven to serve her community.

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Government must be conducted professionally and with integrity. Strong and fair leadership is needed so employees are afforded a safe and healthy environment without fear of retaliation.

The Federal Government filed a lawsuit against Schuylkill County, alleging violations to the Civil Rights Act. (This is in addition to the active lawsuit filed by 4 individuals, with more cases pending.) The county agreed to a settlement of $850,000 but the individual plaintiffs rejected this amount.

 As of January 2023, Schuylkill County is operating under a consent decree with the Department of Justice. The DOJ required the county to hire their designated consultant to help write policies and conduct training to prevent sexual harassment and prevent retaliation against employees. In addition 2-4 internal employees had to be named as Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC) officers, as well as an outside EEOC consultant. Outside consultants cost taxpayers $350 to $450/hour, adding a whopping $250,000 in expenses to the 2023 budget.

Schuylkill County needs strong and fair leadership.  



The county's financial situation is critical. The 2024 budget is balanced by using $10.2 million dollars from the general fund. If the county continues to to use the general fund to cover the deficit, huge tax increases will be required. Stimulus funds can no longer be used to balance the budget, nor can the general fund be relied upon to fill the gap. A strong collaborative team with each department within the county must come together to identify over-expenditures and lost revenues. Unfunded mandates must be addressed by driving toward increased efficiency so required services will be delivered effectively.

Instead of asking residents to pay more in taxes, my philosophy has always been to focus on the development of businesses in order to broaden the tax base.

The county must turn up the heat on budget issues or face dire consequences. 



Simply put, the Constitution of Pennsylvania states that all taxes shall be uniform, upon the same class of subjects, within the territorial limits of the authority levying the tax.  The last county-wide reassessment was 1996. When we were sued for violating the uniform tax law, we failed miserably. In response, the current county commissioners approved a loan for over $7 million to conduct a full-scale reassessment of all properties using an outside consultant. Numerous questions have been raised about the process and validity of the reassessment. Commissioners are called on to:

  • Verify results and either certify the reassessment or scrap it

  • Assist individuals to interpret their new assessment

  • Clearly specify the appeal process and eliminate excessive fees to individual taxpayers

  • Focus on seniors and veterans who could be in jeopardy of being taxed out of their homes

  • Looking forward,  experts in IT software, realtors, and economic development leaders must devise a solid plan to maintain more accurate assessments, so our system does not become grossly out of compliance and force our county to reassess at the direction of the judicial system

I am very concerned that at the completion of a full reassessment, a major downward adjustment to the real estate market could literally bankrupt the county. By August 2024 we will need to take a hard look at this issue before moving forward with the next step for reassessment. ​



THANK YOU, Veterans, for your service!

Top Concerns:

  • Schuylkill County Veterans Court

  • Housing for homeless

  • Improve Communications and Delivery of Services

It is my duty of elected officials to protect the county and its people. Veterans shall always be at the top of my priority list, for they made the biggest commitment to serve our country by putting their lives on the line for our country. I thank and honor those who served and are serving. We often couple seniors with veterans because older citizens deserve special protection. As citizens age, their ability to earn a living, maintain their property, and find appropriate healthcare become more difficult. We must work on creative solutions to support better programs and improve communications to deliver services to seniors and veterans. 



Mary Jo Moss has staunchly advocated and acted upon the belief that the key to lowering taxes and enhancing quality of life lies in economic development. Many promise to create sustainable jobs and improve opportunities for our youth, but the crucial question is always, "How?" Ms. Moss' family background is deeply rooted in entrepreneurship, where sacrifice and hard work were the common elements for successful businesses. Moss actively contributed to her family's metal fabrication company, undertaking various tasks, from welding and packaging to shipping and office work.

Ms. Moss pursued engineering, gaining valuable knowledge both in school and with hands-on experience at a semiconductor manufacturing plant. She is convinced that the foundation for economic growth lies in developing businesses, and success will depend on education and training to prepare the workforce to meet the demands of a changing economy.

As program director at the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, Mary Jo Moss gained tremendous insight into the intricacies of building new businesses. It became clear to her that effective economic development requires visionary leaders who collaborate to identify needs, devise solutions, and secure resources. 

Additionally, while making economic progress, leaders must be cognizant of our neighborhoods and communities and the integrity of our land. While Schuylkill County has shown promising signs of growth, there is immense untapped potential. Investing in essential infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, equitable internet access, and mass transportation, is paramount. These investments not only facilitate swift deliveries but also enable efficient travel for individuals, fostering progress on multiple fronts.

Having witnessed numerous successes in our townships, boroughs, and the city of Schuylkill County, I am enthusiastic about playing a pivotal role in furthering these achievements. Together, we can unlock the full potential of our county, ensuring a thriving future for all.



UPDATE 01/01/2024: All is quiet. The Gore System is not fully functional, there is not a new promise date for its completion, DEP reports that the malodors are gone while residents do not agree, and there is not a politician in sight.

UPDATE 11/2/2023:

The election is coming. After years of no action, commissioners and candidates are ready to act like they are in charge and can resolve this nightmare with the sweep of a pen. If that is true, then what has been the delay? The people are not that gullible.

UPDATE 10/27/2023:

To date, the Board of County Commissioners has not issued a resolution opposing the release of malodors from NSP.

The projected completion date of the Gore Compost System is rumored to be extended to 12/01/2023.

Heavy malodors persist, despite a visit from 5 DEP members who deemed the facility in compliance with the consent order and agreement, with the exception of the completion of the Gore Compost System.

UPDATE 10/18/2023: The County Convention of Government Officials unanimously passed a resolution stating their opposition to facilities that do not control malodors released into the environment. 

UPDATE 10/16/2023: As the Gore Compost System has not become active, the fine for NSP is $500 per day. 

UPDATE 9/7/2023: I made an appointment and met with Senator Argall to share my research and to understand his perspective about PFAS and Biosolids. In response to my meeting, he pushed out information about the Consent Order and Agreement of 5/25/2023 to highlight the installation of the Gore Biosolids Composting System -- a multimillion-dollar facility change that is required to commence operation by 10/15/2023. It is important for residents to continue to call DEP with feedback about malodors now and straight through this important date of October 15. I will continue to stay in touch with residents to help confirm the execution and compliance of the court's order. The next 6 weeks are really important.

Problems with Biosolids and PFAS contaminants must and can be resolved in the West part of our county. The Commissioners can and should interact with the company, DEP, and state officials to ensure compliance by NSP had previously operated without destroying the quality of life for nearby residents. What changed in the process is unacceptable and must be changed back. The slap on the wrist of $50,000 is an admission of guilt. Fix it permanently with enforceable conditions.

I’ve spoken to farmers in other areas of Schuylkill County beyond the West End. The real background on Biosolids is that they have been used for decades in our county, often undetected and unnoticed. The farmers I spoke to don’t use and don’t approve of Biosolids to be used on crops eaten by humans or animals that humans will eat. Biosolids have been used for reclamation areas and non-edible vegetation. Those who have used them tell me that it is CRITICAL that they know the source and only accept non-industrial Biosolids. Some who have used them in the past have actually lost interest and stopped using them. An ordinance to prevent runoff onto others’ property is advisable and should be considered for action.

NOW we are entering into a whole new era of concern. Ask any professional involved with water and watch the business law news: PFAS is an emerging contaminant that is ON THE RADAR OF THE EPA AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Some respond saying, “but there’s PFAS everywhere.” I answer, “yes there are thousands of PFAS used in our daily lives. But there are 2 types (PFOS AND PFOA) that have been directly linked to cancer, reduced fertility, and other problems.” These are known as “forever chemicals” because they do not break down and they will remain in the human body for decades. Class action lawsuits have been launched. 3M settled a $10.3 billion dollar lawsuit for damages. The source of these strains of PFAS are known and include specific types of industrial waste. The feds have allocated $5 billion dollars for emerging contaminants and $2 billion is specifically earmarked for PFAS! This money is needed here in Schuylkill County for testing. Our state and federal officials must get on board and understand the science. It is necessary to protect our water, land and air quality. The state of Maine passed a law saying that no Biosolids may be used unless they are tested. This bill is a bare minimum that will protect residents as well as farmers. We need leadership to look out for the health and safety of our people, and we must protect our land and agricultural industry. A final note… our county is rich in outdoor activities including off-road riding, hunting, fishing, hiking, swimming, etc. Let’s stop jeopardizing this land that is our home.


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